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Below you will find a choice of products designed to work in synergy with Calgel.  These can be purchased from me when I come to you to perform your treatment(s).

CALCRYSTAL - UV Top Coat     
A specially formulated sunscreen top coat for use with Calgel.  Calcrystal prevents yellowing/fading due to the suns UV rays and also protects the Calgel. Fast drying and durable, this top coat with UVA absorbers will perform like no other top coat.  Apply every 3-4 days. If using a sunbed or going to a sunny climate, remove and reapply Calcrystal every day. Do not store in direct sun light or near UV light.   12ml  £8.50


A must have purchase when wearing Calgel.  This product has a tropical scent and is made from a special blend of natural oils to nourish your cuticles.  It prevents dryness and stops cracking and peeling.  Apply to your cuticles once a day using the brush and gently rub in. Paraben free formula. Please note this product contains Almond Oil. 14ml   £7.50

This solution is used to remove Calgel safely without damaging the natural nail. Contains low levels of acetone and moisturising oils therefore it does not dry out the cuticle. 100ml  £5.00   250ml £10.00

A non acetone nail polish remover that contains moisturising oils to prevent drying of the cuticles. Will not damage Calgel nails or artificial nails and is also kind to natural nails. 100ml  £5.00

A lint-free, very absorbent fabric ideal for removing gel. It holds a lot of liquid so you can use as much or as little solution as required. £3.00


This nourishing, lightweight hand cream will soothe tired and dry hands leaving them soft and smelling amazing!
It is absorbed quickly leaving hands feeling hydrated and smooth. Enriched with vitamins and wheatgerm oil with the luxurious scent of lotus blossom. A little goes a log way!
As it has been created just for Izabelle Hammon it is, therefore, compatible with Calgel gels. 

Available in two sizes:

250ml pump bottle - use this at home and keep your hands looking and feeling great!  £20.00 

50ml tube - an ideal on-the-go option to keep in your handbag, car or even at work!  £7.00