Nail Biter Treatment Plan

If you are a nail biter but wish you weren't then this treatment plan is exactly what you are looking for!  
Banish those unsightly hands for good and find new confidence with a set of beautiful nails! 
(Take a look at the images below and see for yourself!)

Treatments are carried out over a 4 week period and each week I apply clear Calgel to your nails. This adds  protection as well as promoting growth and ultimately will break your nail biting habit! 
You will be amazed at how quickly your nails will grow!

The cost per treatment is £15 and all I ask is that £60.00 (4 x £15) is paid in total at the start of the treatment. This treatment offers a huge saving as the price for clear Calgel overlays is £30 per application! 
I also feel that it is important to get all future appointments in place so make sure you have your diary handy so that we can agree on suitable dates!

I recommend that you purchase a bottle of cuticle oil (£7.50) as this will help to hydrate your nails, 
protect the gels and keep your cuticles soft.

                 Nails before any treatment                  Nails after 3 weeks of the                Nail growth after only 7 weeks 
                        28 August 2014                            nail biter treatment plan                                of overlays  

  You wouldn't believe these are the same hands! Hands have     Christmas nails. Nails had to be filed as they were getting
     been totally transformed and the nail biting habit broken!         too long for my client. Words she never expected to hear!

Please be aware that as a nail technician my role is to beautify your hands and/or feet. I DO NOT diagnose nor treat nail diseases or disorders. If you are concerned with the look of your nails/hands/feet then please seek the advice of your GP.