Client Reviews.......

It's a known fact that we tend to tell many people when we're dissatisfied with something but not so many when we've had a good experience.

I am therefore delighted to share with you feedback received from some of my clients............

A BIG 'Thank You' to everyone that has taken the time to send feedback to me...........

"Thank you for doing my nails. I love them as usual! x"
Liz T.  Barton upon Humber

"I have had my nails done by Carolyn three times - twice with Calgel and now with my own nails having a manicure and nail polish. Carolyn is so easy to get on with but highly professional. I have been over the moon having my nails in such good condition. Thank you Carolyn, I shall continue to have my nails looked after by yourself.  Daphne"
Daphne C.   Broughton

"Tired looking hands and nails vanished in a morning with the magic worked by Carolyn and Calgel. Can go on holiday now with elegant hands (will work on the body on return!) thanks again."
Joy N.   Walesby

"Carolyn has been doing my nails for quite some time now but, today, she exceeded her own high standards by providing me with the perfect pedicure and Calgel manicure ready for my holiday - in a colour slightly brighter than this unadventurous soul would normally consider. The whole morning was lovely and therapeutic - thanks Carolyn."
Jean H.  Broughton

"I have just had my first Calgel tips applied and am absolutely delighted with them. I have never had such wonderful looking nails and felt brave enough to have a grey gel with a sparkly finish. Carolyn is very professional and enthusiastic about her product and I shall certainly be seeing her again. A big thank you."
Kathryn S.  Market Rasen

"I love my nails can't wait to show them off, thank you Carolyn" (Feedback via Facebook)
Sharon R.  Broughton

"Hi Carolyn, thank you for doing my wedding nails. We had a wonderful day. Nails still looking good! Thanks again - roll on holiday!"  (Feedback via Text message)
Sarah L.  Broughton

"I had Calgel tips applied for my holiday and they were fantastic!  After 3 weeks the enhancements were removed and my own nails have grown better than they have done for years and look great! I can't believe that they are my nails! Thank you Carolyn!"
Lindsay C.  Scunthorpe 
(Lindsay's nails can be seen under 'Calgel Success Stories')

"Had my nails done and have got to say that they are a good set of tips. Carolyn is very helpful and I will be using her again. One happy customer!"
Billie M.  Barton upon Humber

"To Carolyn & Calgel - what a team!  Thanks for another year of wonderful nails. The length & strength of our nails is remarkable! We've never had such fabulous nails before and never had so many comments about our nails either! Calgel is amazing - we wouldn't want to be without it!"
Jean G & Dot M (Sisters).  Scawby

"As one of your youngest client (14yrs old), I would like to say a big thank you and I love my nails. I can't stop looking at them. All my friends were amazed at how real my nails looked."
Jasmin O.  Brigg

"A really big thank you to you for making my nails look fab. I never thought I would be able to have long nails. My nail beds were very flat so if you have flat nails I suggest that Calgel is for you! Again a big thank you!"
Debs B.  Brigg

"I live in Kent but occasionally visit Hull where I now make a point of contacting Carolyn. My first experience of her skills was a standard manicure & pedicure treatment which left my nails looking amazing. This time she recommended that my problems with soft, weak nails would best be addressed by having Calgel tips and overlays. Carolyn, I want to thank you for the care and attention you paid to my manicure and pedicure. I have never had such lovely nails - they are completely transformed. Since your treatment they actually feel stronger and more resilient. One week on they are still shiny and chip free and I no longer feel the need to hide them from view. What's not to like about  skilled, friendly, convenient and personal service at a reasonable cost in the comfort of your own home? Can't wait for my next appointment!"
Pat T.  Faversham, Kent

"Thank you so much for my beautiful nails! I had Calgel tips put on with a pink colour and diamond on top - they are fantastic!  I love them and such a lovely lady especially to put up with my 3 yr old ha ha!  Thank you again. I will definitely be a regular now.  No more acrylics for me - I'm converted! Thank you Carolyn xx"
Stacey G.  Scunthorpe

"Carolyn has rescued the appearance of my nails in just a few short weeks. They had suffered 'abuse' by nail technicians who should have known better, and it was on the recommendation of a very pleased client of Carolyn's that I made the call, and thank goodness I did. I am absolutely thrilled with the results, and would certainly recommend Carolyn to anyone who wants to enhance the appearance of their hands."
Jean H.  Broughton

"I just wanted to leave feedback after my first Calgel nail treatment to let others know what a great service Carolyn provides. Having previously had a bad experience with a treatment that wrecked my nails (not with Carolyn I might add!) I was a little sceptical but now I can highly recommend having a Calgel treatment. The nails have a fabulous finish, look extremely natural and Carolyn's service is second to none. She takes her time, is well informed about the product and gives you a relaxing, professional service. The attention to detail is incredible and I urge anyone to give it a try!"
Wendy M.  Barnetby

"As an exceptionally busy hairstylist I found the durability of Calgel exceptional.  Believe me, I have really, truly pushed this product to the extreme.  The colours & shine are outstanding.  My nails are in better condition than they have been in years. The fact that Calgel dries and hardens instantly is absolutely perfect as I don't have time to waste!  Fabulous product.  Wish I'd known about it months ago! 10/10"  
Aleta W.  Broughton
"I've never had a manicure but as I have very dry hands I decided to try a deluxe manicure (with paraffin wax).
The treatment made my hands look 10 years younger and was really enjoyable.  I shall definitely have it done again."
Melvyn H.  Barton upon Humber
"Hi! Thanks for the great party!  We all really enjoyed it and can't wait for you to do our nails for the wedding!  You're a very talented lady!"                             
Charlotte B.  Scunthorpe

"Had a Deluxe manicure and loved it! Massaged hands, ex-foliated and moisturised, nails filed, shaped and buffed. Smelt great! Looked great! Looking forward to my next one! See you soon."   
Kevin L.   Lincoln

"As a lady who has never shown off 'nails' the results were fab. It has now made me appreciate what stunning looking nails can do for your confidence. Prime time first, gardening later! Carolyn takes great pride in her work with outstanding finishes. Her prices are also very competitive." 
Maria H.  Burnham on Crouch, Essex
"Love my nails.  Thank you Carolyn :)"
Alicia J.  Barton upon Humber
"Wedding nails done! So pleased with them" 
Charlotte B.  Scunthorpe

"Hey thanks for doing my nails they are wonderful!!"  
Wendy S.  Barton upon Humber

"With my very shaky hands Carolyn has done a great job of the flower design nail art. The bright overlay colour was perfect for the plain black outfit I was wearing.  After getting washed this morning my hands are still silky soft from the hand cream!"
Felicity O.   Barton upon Humber
"I used to bite my nails and always made them look ragged and horrible. Carolyn gave me nails to be proud off and I am now not ashamed of my hands! After having just ONE Calgel treatment my nails were in a better condition than they have been for a long time and they have been given a chance to grow. Thank you for my beautiful nails!"                   
Carly S.   Hibaldstow
"Thanks Carolyn :) Hannah is thrilled to bits with her nails! Lovely to meet you, Heidi x"   (Feedback via Text message)
Heidi.   Barton upon Humber

"Thank you for coming, the girls loved their nails. I will definitely call you when I need mine doing and so will my sister. Abbie, the youngest, is already saying can she have you for her birthday in August. Thanks again xx"  (Feedback via Text message)
Lisa C.   Winterton

"Thank you so much for my wonderful nails, I started with short bitten nails and now have beautiful nails! Thank you :)"
Rebecca S.  Wrawby

"Thank you so much for doing mums nails. She has never had a proper manicure before and she was really pleased with them." (Feedback via Text message)
Julia.   Wrawby

"Thank you so much for sorting out my troublesome finger and toe nails. After having such a horrible year - to have such pretty and healthy looking nails is fab!
I can go to the wedding now without having to hide my nails - quite the opposite I'm going to show them off! Thanks again!"
Louise H.  North Ferriby

"I love having my nails done by Carolyn, and Calgel is great BUT be warned it's addictive & there's just too many colours & styles to choose from!!" (Feedback via Facebook)
Ruth P.  Barton upon Humber

"Thank you Carolyn, my Mum-in-Law has just rung and said how much she enjoyed her treatments."
Janet S. 

"Just want to say thank you for my lovely nails x"
Sue T.  Caistor

"I have not previously taken a great deal of time to care for my hands or nails and always used my hobbies and lifestyle as excuses as to why I couldn't have nice hands & nails. However, I recently decided I was fed up of looking at my tired hands and wanted to liven them up. I first met Carolyn and the Calgel product at a nail party. I found Carolyn to be very friendly and knowledgeable in her field and put me at ease about the condition of my hands and nails by offering advice on ways to care for them. My first full set of overlays lasted for over 5 weeks before I chose to have new gels applied. I am so amazed by the benefits of Calgel and how healthy my nails were when the first set of overlays were removed!"
Tanya G.  Binbrook
(Tanya's nails can be seen under 'Calgel Success Stories')

"I'm not someone who looks after their nails generally but thought it was about time I sorted them out as they had grown dramatically and I didn't know what to do with them!  I came across Carolyn on a Google search.  Initial contact was brilliant, Carolyn gave what advice she could (without seeing my nails) and made her first visit the following week.  I feel very comfortable having the treatments carried out in my own home and Carolyn makes me feel completely at ease.  My first treatment consisted of a manicure, file and a full set of coloured Calgel nails (with a couple of tips for the broken ones!) and I have to say they look absolutely fantastic. Carolyn has such a huge selection of colours and designs to choose from (think I will eventually get through them all!!).  Following my first treatment I instantly booked my next, I am now on my fourth set (roughly every 4 weeks) and I can’t believe the strength and condition they are in. I can’t actually believe they are my own nails!  Highly recommended. Thank you Carolyn"
Lisa H.  Barrow upon Humber

"LOVE my nails!  I love Calgel and have been having my nails done for over a year at a local salon. In May 2012 I started using Carolyn and they've just got better and better! I've just had the French polish finish topped with Diamond and they look amazing!  I just can't stop looking at them. A BIG thank you, Carolyn"
Vikki L.  Scunthorpe

"Hi Carolyn, A girl at work says she can't stop looking at the Calgel overlays on my nails and my best friend said they looked like jelly beans last night!! I love them!! x"
Carly S.   Hibaldstow

"Hope you don't mind,I've just been looking at your website, it's great!  I've seen your photos on the gallery page - particularly love the nails in Jet Black with silver & white nail art tips - they are fab!  Well done and keep up the great work!"
Julie.  Calgel, Luton

"Hi Carolyn, Thank you so much for doing Megan's birthday party. Megan and her friends had loads of fun. She's enjoyed showing her nails off to all she meets! Thanks for the photos you sent me."
Abby H (Megan's Mum!)  Barton upon Humber

"I've just had the 'full works' by Carolyn - a Deluxe pedicure and a Luxury manicure and all I can say is WOW! it's as though I have a new pair of feet and completely revitalised hands not to mention healthy looking, shiny nails. Even though I'm a bloke (and blokes don't like to admit they enjoy a pamper session!) I can happily recommend it, chaps! Definitely give it a go, you don't know what you're missing!"  
Neil H.  Burnham on Crouch, Essex

"Fantastic manicures!  I have now had two manicures by Carolyn and I have to say I am very impressed with the technique and products used. I have had many manicures in beauty salons but Carolyn offers a much more indulgent and relaxing experience and it's lovely being in your own home. I have to say my hands and nails have never looked so good! A great luxury for a pregnant lady who will be having lots lots more!!"         
Kayleigh L.    Lincoln
"Thanks Carolyn for these fab Kooky wraps. I love them!!! They look great!!!  I am really pleased with the repairs you did too! I thought the crack going half-way across my nail would be impossible to repair - but it looks great now!!!! Thanks x"
Becky O.  Barton upon Humber

"Being a dog groomer my hands suffer and I have never had nice nails. I treated myself to a full set of Calgel tips with French finish and am over the moon!  My hands look lovely now, everyone has commented. Also I can't  believe how strong the tips are. Well worth the money - and more! I am definitely keeping this up!"
Sarah C.   Market Rasen

"I started with manicures but as my nails split and peel so easily Carolyn convinced me to try Calgel.  I haven't looked back!  My nails and hands have never looked so nice. If you've never tried Calgel I'd recommend you do so - and get Carolyn to do it!"
Jean H.    Barton upon Humber
"May I just say thank you to Carolyn. I started using her nail services a couple of months ago and I must say my nail strength has improved tenfold using Calgel. You pay a little more but the end result is fantastic. Looking forward to having my wedding nails done next month! Love Helen x"    
Helen S.   Barton upon Humber

"Hi Carolyn.  Sorry, I've been meaning to do this for ages but just to thank you for making my nails look soooo good.  Apart from the fact that my fingers and toes look better than they've ever done, both the manicure & pedicure were such relaxing experiences. I live a long way away but I'm so pleased my friend recommended me seeing you whilst I was in your area.  I shall definitely be asking you again when I'm there next.  P.S. Will you do home visits in Kent!! Thanks again, Pat."
Pat T.   Faversham, Kent

"Carolyn gave me a standard manicure and I enjoyed it more than when I went to a salon!"         
Jess M.  Barnetby
"Thank you Carolyn. As an ex-nail biter my nails are rather an odd shape with the white starting too low! If I wear nail varnish it's always chipped the following day and if I wear it too much my nails start to peel and break. With Calgel my nails are immaculate and look fabulous. They are very strong and my overlays lasted 4 weeks. Each time I look at my nails I smile, it's amazing what a difference lovely shiny nails make!"
Liz J-R.  Barton upon Humber