Picture Gallery 3 - Wedding Nails

Make sure you have organised your nail appointment in good time.  Then relax in the knowledge that I
                                   come to you, so one less thing you have to worry about!

Your wedding day is to be the most beautiful day ever.  After all, you have spent a great deal of time planning the venue, the food, the guest list not to mention your wedding dress! You also want your hands (and feet) to look their best so what better than to book one of my treatments.  Why not enjoy a relaxing manicure, pedicure or Calgel treatment and transform your hands (and feet) for your special day?
And don't forget, these treats are not only for the Bride.... the Groom can also enjoy a manicure and see his hands transformed!
Images below are of clients nails that I created to suit their personal choice and to match their wedding and/or bridesmaids dresses................ enjoy!