Calgel - What is it?

First and foremost Calgel is a gel NOT an acrylic. It is a flexible & porous gel which makes it much kinder to the natural nail.
There are many nail 'enhancing' products on the market but which one do you choose? 

If in doubt I suggest that you definitely consider Calgel as an option..................

Calgel is a revolutionary semi-permanent clear and coloured gel (often referred to as an everlasting polish or semi permanent nail polish) which is applied to the natural nail. With proper maintenance gels can last for up to 6-10 weeks* on your finger nails and even longer on your toe nails giving you a smudge proof, non-chip colour finish whilst at the same time protecting your natural nails. 
Calgel is available in an array of colours (solid, pearl, shimmer, metallic & glitters) and is a thin, flexible and durable product. However, if you prefer a natural look then clear gel can be applied to the natural nail.  The 'French Polish' look can also be created (see images under Picture Gallery). If you have short nails but would like them to be longer, extensions can be applied. When safely and correctly removed, nails are left damage-free.  

Once applied to the nail, Calgel is then cured using a UV lamp.  The lamp uses 4 x 9w bulbs. Recent reports may have some of you concerned, so to put your minds at rest please see the Scratch Magazine report under 'Dispelling the myth of UV lamps' on the left.    Q. Will UV light cause skin damage to my hands?   A. This is a hot topic right now with the internet fuelling the fire unfortunately. UV light used in nail services should be called UV-A light, as the only light produced from the lamp is UV-A. UV-A is the safest type of UV light and the industry has been using it to cure nails since the 70s.  Scratch Magazine Columnist, Laura Hughes
Hands are transformed with this product but you will be required to maintain your nails. I recommend that you purchase a bottle of Calgel cuticle oil (designed to work with the gel) and apply it once a day.  DO NOT use any make of cuticle oil as it may cause your nail enhancements to lift from your natural nail.  There are a range of Calgel products you can buy to make sure your nails stay looking good - just ask for details.
To keep your nails looking 'like new' why not purchase a bottle of High Gloss Top Coat?

Click on the 'Calgel Success Story' page on the left to see the results of a Calgel wearer. 
*Actual results from many of my clients! You will notice that your nails will have grown quite a bit since the initial application and therefore infills will be required. This is usually around 3 weeks after application but can differ between clients.  Please see infill prices under the Treatment Menu.
       Benefits of 
~ Not tested on animals

~ Odourless

~ Ideal for use on natural nails

~ Allows natural nails to respire

~ Flexible & durable
~ Assists in adding strength to the natural nail
~ Ideal for semi-permanent colours on finger nails & toe nails

~ Safe, easy soak off procedure (when performed correctly)

~ Great choice of coloured gel to choose from

~ Nail polishes available to match most gel colours